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Sr Name Designation Mobile No Email ID Photo Profile Details
1 Dr. H. D. Jedage Principal 0 NA
2 Mrs. A. D. Suryavanshi Assist.Professor 0 NA
3 Ms. V. D. Patil Assist.Professor 0 NA
4 Ms. S. P. Panchal Assist.Professor 0 NA
5 Mr. S. N. Sonkamble Assist.Professor 0 NA
6 Mr. D. A. Biradar Assist.Professor 0 NA
7 Mr. P. S. Biradar Assist.Professor 0 NA
8 Mr. S. S. Tapade Lecturer in Pharmacy 0 NA
9 Mr. P. S. Mane Lecturer in Pharmacy 0 NA
10 Mr. I. Y. Shaikh Lecturer in Pharmacy 0 NA
11 Mr. S. G. Thorat Lecturer in Pharmacy 0 NA
12 Mr. Sayyad S. P. F. Lecturer in Pharmacy 0 NA
13 Mr. R. S. Sakhare Lecturer in Pharmacy 0 NA
14 Mrs. J. H. Jedage Lecturer in Pharmacy 0 NA
15 Mr. M. H. Deshmukh O.S. 0 NA
16 Mr. P. P. Joshi Clerk 0 NA
17 Ms. M. U. Chhatre Accountant 0 NA
18 Ms. K. S. Mragjale Lab Technician 0 NA
19 Mr. G. R. Shete Lab Technician 0 NA
20 Mr. S. T. Shinde Lab Attendant 0 NA
21 Mr. V. N. Mane Lab Attendant 0 NA
22 Mr. N. S. Panchal Peon 0 NA
23 Mr. S. D. Melkunde Peon 0 NA
24 Mr. R. B. Sandur Watchman 0 NA
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